About Us

A personal finance expert at your service

Rock and roll was playing during spring 2013 when Accounting Rocks got on stage for the first time. We wanted to work with our customers using modern tools and customized service. Our small three person office had decades worth of experience and a driving hunger to make a fresh accounting company that looked like us.

Our small band has changed over the years as our lives have also changed. Our mission still is clear and stays the same. We hate papers, we want to work wirelessly and a possibility to work wherever we want.

Accounting Rocks is a third generation accounting company for our founder Tommi Pöllänen. Continuing the tradition and growing up with the industry he has worked in several companies management and grown into entrepreneurship since he was a kid. The passion for development and improving companies challenges in finance comes from his heart.

The genuine will to help our customers with their challenges in finance is what brings us together

Our partners Susanna, Anu and Rosita work in finance with care and strong experience. They have years of experience from accounting companies and keep their cool with even the most challenging cases. With long term customers they have lived through good and difficult times and when you have an accountant that you trust, it’s hard to choose any other expert.

Sari and Mikko, our latest bandmembers aren’t juniors either and have learnt from the best. Our fresh and colorful bandcamp you can find from Keilaniemi Espoo. You are welcome to meet us and to stop to take a break on our red sofa.



Susanna Salminen, KLT

Partner, Certified Accountant +358 40 809 5999 Send a message

Tommi Pöllänen, MBA

Senior Partner +358 40 7011 250 Send a message

Anu Berggren, KLT

Partner, Certified Accountant +358 40 838 9626 Send a message

Rosita Turula

Partner, Accountant +358 40 671 5599 Send a message

Sari Mattila

Accountant +358 40 759 0777 Send a message

Mikko Toivola

Accountant +358 40 724 1165 Send a message